Know the Cause for Cellulite and how you can Effectively Reduce it?

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Cellulite is the deposition of fats in the connective tissues that gives nodularity or dimpling appearance to the skin.  Approximately more than 85% of women are affected with this. You can commonly find it near the pelvic region, abdomen, andthighs. It can affect both women and men. However, it mostly affects the women.

Why does it happen?

The cause of cellulite can include many factors. However, the precise cause is yet unknown. Some of the reasons are hormonal, diet and exercise routine, obesity, metabolism, genetics, etc.

  • Hormonal causes

Hormonal changes may contribute to cellulite. If your body has lower collagen production, then it is likely that the estrogen level will fall. Hence, this makes the fats more visible and result in cellulite.

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  • Daily routine

Your diet and daily lifestyle also play an important part in the formation of cellulite. Following a proper diet and exercise routine can reduce the risk of having cellulite. People who have a poor diet or eat excessive carbohydrates, fats and salts can get affected with it.

  • Genetic cause

The genetic factors can also be responsible for the development of cellulite. The distribution of fats in an individual, biotype, predisposition to circulatory and lymphatic levels, etc. can also result in its evolution.

Appropriate Treatments for Reducing Cellulite

Currently, you can find many possible treatments. Laser treatment, acoustic wave therapy, radiotherapy, carboxytherapy are some of the treatments. You can also find medications or cream that will also help in reducing cellulite. It is better to visit a skin clinic for the recommendation.

Cellulite reduction Adelaide laser Skin and Vein Clinic is also one of the best clinics to trust for your therapy. It provides treatment for different parts of the body such as the face, neck, chin, lower body parts, back, abdomen, etc.

You can also find clinics other than the cellulite reduction Adelaide laser Skin and Vein Clinic. However, make sure to research before visiting a surgeon because it is possible that it might not be effective. Hence, if you don’t want to waste money, make sure to find a good clinic that fits your needs.


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