Things to be included in a resume

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There are some of the important things that make an entire resume. You need to have these things incorporated in the resume when you start writing it. Else, it becomes very difficult to get the gist of the entire resume. You could always check for some of the resume samples on

Below mentioned are some of the things that has to be part of your resume, take a look at it quickly and this would certainly be handy when you are planning to write a resume.


  • Heading

This is one of the important things that has to be a part of the resume, put the right heading, it could probably be your name written in bold and below which with right and left alignment; you can always mention your contact details which includes the phone numbers, email ids and also your Linkedin profile. Check for some of the samples on

  • Education details

You should give the right details about your education because this is one of the things that matters a lot to the job interviewer. The job description given to you would have clauses on the education as well. Hence; you would clearly know if you have to apply for that job or not.

  • Experience

Your work experience speaks a lot in your resume and you should always know that the work experience details has to be mentioned in descending order and the roles and responsibilities has to be mentioned explicitly so that the interviewer may not have to ponder too much looking for it.


  • Skills and interest

Do not forget to mention about your technical skills and interests, this could be of great interest to the job interviewers and just by this, you may be able to clear your job interview and land in your dream job.




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